His Holiness Visits the Migrant Families from Mosul in Talleskof
His Holiness Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem II visited the migrant families from Mosul who are currently in Talleskof. During his visit, he was accompanied by bishops and priests. Upon his arrival in the town of Talleskof, His Holiness was received by His Excellency Mikhael Al-Makdessi, Chaldean Archbishop of Al-Kosh and Environs, His Excellency Emil Nouna, Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul and Environs, and Rev. Fr. Zakariah Iwas, parish priest in our church in Mosul along with many faithful and believers.

In St. Georges Chaldean church, His Holiness prayed in Syriac. His Excellency Mor Mikhael Makdessi welcomed His Holiness in Kurdistan and considered his visit to the migrant families from Mosul to be a challenging visit. He added that in this way His Holiness is encouraging Christian to remain in their land.

Mor Nicodemus Daoud Matti Sharaf spoke of the challenge that His Holiness’ visit to Talleskof is throwing at the evil powers, for His Holiness insisted to be with his spiritual children and be near them during their distress. Rev. Fr. Zakariah then expressed the joy of the parish to meet their spiritual leader and father who came especially from Damascus to Iraq to visit them; this made them forget some of their pains and sorrow.

His Holiness then delivered a speech of encouraging words and faith giving hope. He concluded with a prayer to the Lord asking Him to preserve His flock everywhere and bless these families with a safe return to their homes. He appreciated with thanks and prayers the efforts of all the ‘little brothers and sisters of Christ’ who are helping soothe the sufferings of the migrant families.